Tuesday, March 07, 2006

apcmag.com: Intel Macs may boot XP after all

apcmag.com: Intel Macs may boot XP after all: "A Mac that can legally run Windows/Linux/OS X on the one box is the ultimate PC in compatibility terms, which should further drive hardware sales.

Considering Apple includes the operating system with every Mac purchase, its OS revenue isn't endangered by allowing people to install Windows on a Mac post-sale. And it seems very unlikely that US Department of Justice will force Apple to sell Macs without an operating system anytime soon.
Of course, Apple can�t condone or encourage running Windows on Macs, because that would cause Mac developers to question whether they should continue investing in the OS X platform if Apple is not fully committed.
It's a 'wink wink, nod nod' situation, where Apple must know that allowing users to run Windows on a Mac can only help boost Apple's bottom-line.
New Mac users can only hope that the hints on Intel's web site about the compatibility layer for EFI pan out in favour of users who want to run Windows and OS X on their shiny new box."


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