Thursday, March 16, 2006

Australia by email

The following are a few of the links I very quickly did for Mary.
Some may be of interest to you depending where your research is. You may already be aware of the big ones but thought I'd send just in case.

NSW BDM Registry index online.

Aussie lists

I recommend the following Perth list (very friendly & similar to Bristol &
Somerset list):

Perth Dead Persons Society (which is for Perth & surrounding areas mainly
but can include all of Western Australia).
This is their website
Their list is on RootsWeb & is called DPS-CHAT. You can subscribe from a
link on their website above or at RootsWeb.

WA doesn't have BDM online (last I checked) & I don't have CDs as all my
families are recent to WA & I haven't needed to get any certificates but
someone on list I mentioned above should help.

Western Australian Gen. Soc.

National Archives of Australia
Click on record search & some
digital copies online.

Australian Cemteries - some have data online.

The Ryerson Index (death notices)



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