Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Research Aids for Local and Family Historians

Original Indexes was established in July 1996 to meet the growing demand among local and family historians for indexes to primary sources in a cheap and convenient format - microfiche. Our policy of publishing a minumum of twelve new titles each quarter means we now have the largest catalogue of its kind in the north-east of England. Standard histories also feature on our catalogue. Originally on microfiche, these are now available on CD-ROM at a fraction of their antiquarian value.

Though based in the north-east of England, our catalogue reflects a range of interests, regional, national and international - as you will gather from browsing the pages on this site. Most reflect our regional base; they are based on the 1911 census returns for the ecclesiastical parishes of the counties of Durham and Northumberland. Others highlight our private passions and the threads of our own research. They are constantly being updated, so don't take your eyes off them!


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