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Danish Nobility

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I would like to know how to find documentation for a man who was knighted in Denmark in the 1940's His name is Michael Hennings Jensen he was a newspapereditor/owner in Denmark.

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I am not in Denmark today so I thought to ask a danish librarian
via and got this excellent answer:-

Dear Hugh Watkins

The Danish "Krak's Blue Book" gives those dates:

Michael Hennings Jensen
Born March 17th 1871, Copenhagen, son of wholesale wine merchant Martin J. (died 1895) and wife Christine (born Dahl, died 1927);
married to Emilie J. (born la Cour Mogensen, 1876-1938).

Died May 26th, 1962.

According to "Krak" MHJ became business manager of the weekly Frem in 1898, and was co-owner of the editorial house Det Schønbergske Forlag 1905-1935.
He held several posts within Booksellers' and Editors' organizations throughout his life, including being editor of Dansk Boghandlertidende [Danish Booksellers' Magazine] 1934-1947, and secretary of Den Danske Forlæggerforening [Danish Editors' Organization] 1935-1947.

He received the Danish order Ridder af Dannebrog [Knight of Dannebrog] on March 24th 1941, according to the
Danish Hof- og Statskalender [the yearly manual of "official" Denmark].
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