Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scandinavian connections

Sparks and Ravsten Family Web Site and Family Tree

Sparks and Ravsten Family: "Martha Christensen Hair, daughter of Jen Christensen and Trena Benson, was born at Tammerupe, Farnely Co., Denmark, January 13, 1861.
Baptized July 11, 1868 at Denmark by missionary Elder P. Nelson. She was baptized again after she came to the United States. "

Sparks and Ravsten Family Web Site and Family Tree: "Bendt Nielsen
Bengt Mathias Ravsten
Bennie & Clara Ravsten (1989 - Lucetta)
Bennie Joseph Ravsten (By Melva)
Bennie Joseph Ravsten (By Milton)
Bennie Ravsten (1936 - Lucetta)
Bennie Ravsten (1976 - Lester)
Betty Johansson
Britta Johansson
Jens Christiansen Lamp
Lee Ravsten
Martha Christensen (1939)
Martha Christensen (1962 - Sylvia)
Trein Bendtsen (1939)
Trein Bendtsen (1958 - Sylvia)"

Sparks and Ravsten Family: "Betty (Brita) Johansson was born May 4, 1837 at Pjatteryd, Kronoberg, Sweden a daughter of Johan
Jonsson and Anna Ericsson. Her father, Johan Jonssson, was born March 8, 1799 at Pjatteryd and her
mother, anna Ericsson, was born 1797 at Pjatteryd. Her grandparents were: Jons svensson born 12 Feb.
1753 at Stenbohult, Kronoberg, Sweden. "


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