Friday, April 28, 2006

four lectures

this is only the third day that is warm enough for me to wear a blazer instead of an overcoat

waiting to be let in to the SOG lectures A Taste of Family History
on Friday 28 April 2006 and I decided not to attend
Where do I begin?
Births marriages and Deaths
10 Useful Websites
Newspapers & Directories

I love this architecture

and firstly upstairs to lectures using the overhead projector (but I took the lift)

Scottish Family History with Kathy Elam

I have done little research in this field so I got a useful broadening of my general knowledge of genealogy. My first Scottish relative Robert Thomas Lapham was born in Bath but appeared in 1881 on the LDS Scotland CD as a Chelsea Pensioner but after a distant cousin contacted me with all his descendants I have not needed to do anywork myself. Yet. is the best known Kathy gave us and typically the webmaster has rearranged their subdomains so maybe what was also meant for more recent civil registratin
National Archives of Scotland (NAS)

Scottish church history is more complicated than I thought with many schisms
see Cyndi's List - Scotland for more


CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Established Church of Scotland: "The religious organization which has for three centuries and a half claimed the adherence of the majority of the inhabitants of Scotland, may be said to date from August 1560, in which month the Scottish Parliament, assembled in Edinburgh without any writ from the sovereign, decided that the Protestant Confession of Faith (drawn up on much the same lines as the Confession of Westminster) should henceforth be the established, and only authorized, creed of the Scottish Kingdom. " . . .

The Revolution of 1688, and the flight of the Catholic king, . . . .

A very considerable section, however, especially in the east and northeast of Scotland, and more particularly among the wealthy and aristocratic classes, remained attached to Episcopalian principles; and though those of the clergy who refused to conform to the Establishment were treated with considerable harshness, no attempt was made to compel the laity to attend Presbyterian worship, or submit to the rigid Presbyterian discipline.

"Disruption" of 1843, when 451 out of 1203 ministers quitted the church, together with fully a third of its lay members, and initiated a new religious organization thenceforth known as the Free Church (see FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND). ' . . .

which continued and:-

The number of ecclesiastical parishes in Scotland (1911) is 1441; of chapels, 80; of mission stations, 170; total, 1691; . . .

German rationalistic ideas have penetrated deeply into the divinity halls of the Kirk; . . .

Census Records by Ian Waller was given in the basement and even though it is one of my own specialities I got a couple of good ideas new to me

The 7 June date of the 1841 census means that the population may be unusually mobile with harvest time employment opportunities for the ag. lab. and aristocratic holidays soon.

Experiment with mistranscriptions of the capital letter of the surname when searches fail, and subdtitute eg Lu for Qu

more from the web

Genealogy Forum :: View topic - RABBITTS & CORBY in East London: "The names on the 1871 and 1891 entries clearly cast doubt on the 1881 initials. The M G was very clear on the 1881 original entry but should obviously have been "H G". The E for the first daughter (Emma) was correct though mis-indexed as a C The A for the next daughter should have been an H (Hannah) - though it's possible Hannah was known as Annie. The N for the youngest son should have been an "H" (Harry) Thus two, and possibly three, of the above initials were incorrect. It seems to me therefore that there has to be a reasonable chance that the J should have been a T, " mistranscription capital letter census genealogy - Google Search

mistranscription - Google Groups: soc.genealogy.britain

typo census - Google Groups: soc.genealogy.britain and a good place to discuss your census problems

"Hugh Watkins" census - Google Search

Else Churchill

Occupational Records and Else Churchill (the Genealogy Officer of the Society ) handed out a paper copy of her power point presentation

I would like to see a copy of that in pdf on the SOG website added to her collection "Else Churchill" pdf Google Search pdf - Google Search

Parish Registers are not my strongest point and I have to travel to Gwent, Gloucester , Bristol and Bath or SOG or a GSU branch library to sort my own trees so I tend to do as little as possible.

I have heard Peter Park talk about church records before and as always he was both informative, and entertaining with titbits about sinners written by grumpy old vicars getting peals of laughter from us all.

on the way out

setting up the LAN and WAN

for the Genealogical Society of Utah

and tomorrow you may order your charts to be beautifully printed out here

they will set up the rest tomorrow
see the horticultural details on the edge of the porch
entry to the stairs and lift
and aftwerwards I walked and snapped on my way back to Marylebone

see SNAPS ONE: placeholder


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