Thursday, April 27, 2006

serious pottery by Carl Cunningham-Cole

Algutsboda Art
Born in 1942 in Farnham Surrey, England, Carl has lived and worked in Sweden for many years

Carl comments: "What makes me love this art form, is that I can use Ceramics, Stoneware and Porcelain, in Sculpture and Painting combining both into one medium. This makes also the artform in itself much more challenging, especially when you consider the firing processes.

Today Carl, since the early 70´s resides in Algutsboda, in the vast forests of southern Sweden, where he bought an abandoned old-folks-home in traditional Swedish Allmoge-style (1932).

Todays gallery hosts visitors on a global scale, placing Algutsboda and its history in focus. As an example of his lifestyle, he kept a deer as a pet (which he saved from death when its mother was hit by a car!).


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