Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Family History Show 2006

more to come

hustle and bustle of packing and the security officer was keeping a very watchful eye on things - this is the time of day thieves drop in and grab laptops in Olympia and NEC

I was a late visitor to Phillimore & Co Ltd
and asked for a catalogue

looking for the last catalogue
thank you for the last one !

note THE BRISTOL AVON by Josephine Jeremiah a denizen of the Bristol_and_Somerset Rootsweb list
and and I must pass on a severe warning from the lady who was packing up "Do not pay more than our catalogue price on Amazon" - some silly prices are being asked for

"The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers"
Cecil R. Humphrey-Smith; Hardcover; £47.50
up to £150

"The River Wye: a Pictorial History"
Josephine Jeremiah; Hardcover; £14.24

"The Bristol Avon: A Pictorial History"
Josephine Jeremiah; Hardcover; £15.19

all of which I just ordered on Amazon, together with the director's cut of Star Wars, from a couple of gifts I recieved from a researcher in USA I helped with danish stuff.

Guild of One-Name Studies stand was all packed up and ready to go home.

Barbara Harvey told me that LOVEROCK is her one-name study, and I see her Fernyhough One-Name Study profile page is an example of this new service by the Guild and there are 280 found here so far by google

not the easiest hall to get in and out of

"Hullo Hugh" said Roy Stockdill just as I was leaving

now we are in the way

Hurry up Hugh but there was no time for a beer this year

Society of Genealogists - Home Page:
"Royal Horticultural Society New Hall & Conference Centre,
Greycoat Street,
London SW1P 2PE.
? Saturday 29th April 2006 ?"


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