Monday, June 12, 2006

Windows Vista beta

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

Device and Software Report: Can your PC devices run with Windows Vista?

Please remember, Upgrade Advisor is currently a BETA release and contains functionality and features that have not been thoroughly tested and may contain errors. Please consider the information that Upgrade Advisor currently provides as preliminary and check the Upgrade Advisor website in October for the final version, which will also include additional functionality such as checking how your software applications will run with Windows Vista.

We're sorry, but your PC cannot currently install and run the core experiences of Windows Vista.

However, you may be able prepare your computer for Windows Vista by upgrading your PC hardware.

You will need to take the following actions to run Windows Vista.

Upgrade your System Memory
512MB Memory required to install Windows Vista (Your computer currently has 256.00 MB)
You will need to increase your system memory. 512MB is required to install and run the basic functionality of Windows Vista. We recommend at least 1 GB of system memory to ensure optimal performance for TV recording, high-end gaming, photo editing, and multimedia applications. Contact your PC retailer to see if an upgrade is available.

Additional hard drive storage
15GB free space required (Your computer currently has 800.53 MB)
You will either need to:
a) upgrade your hard drive to increase its capacity, or
b) create additional free space on your existing drive by removing unwanted files.
If you decide to upgrade your hard drive, we recommend 40GB capacity at minimum for premium editions of Windows Vista. Contact your PC retailer to see if an upgrade is available.

The Beta 2 release of Windows Vista is now available for IT professionals, developers, and technology enthusiasts through the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program. Find out if your computer meets the system requirements for Windows Vista, then download or order Beta 2 today.

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