Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What would you like to do today?

"What would you like to do today?"which is a line from Family Tree•Genealogy•Ancestor•Ancestry•Family History
AKA Genes Reunited

With very very modestly price I could to afford to experiment
Today's site statistics - 74,339,215 relations on Genes Reunited

I uploaded my tree as a gedcom
"You have 2517 individuals and 421 surnames in your tree so far. "

and I get one to four enquiries daily one that I am really interested im, a BLISS JONES from Raglan has not answered my first message.

meanwhile I linked an australian and a dane with great success with STETTIN in common
so it can pay to search on behalf of your friends

I have een very busy getting ready to fly to Copenhagen tommorrow so the blogs have been a bit erratic. . . . I always post my changes of address a litttle early.


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