Tuesday, August 08, 2006


from usenet:-

Hi all!

It's been three months since I've posted about Linkpendium, and during that time we've been locating and adding an average of more than 100,000 sources of genealogical information every month.

Linkpendium now has links to 5,032,855 sources of genealogical

snippped and shortened

The links are categorized either by:
o Surnames WORLD-WIDE (4,492,238 links).
o American localities, generally county-level (540,617 links).
We do not yet provide world-wide locality coverage, though we plan
to phase in world-wide locality coverage as resources allow.

Dr. Brian Leverich

The creation of Linkpendium was listed in the current issue of Ancestry magazine as one of the important events in the evolution of family history information on the Internet!
So you must be doing something right! Congratulations!

Joan Young


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