Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome to the official 1901 Census website

A new look with over 32 million people living in England and Wales in 1901 and images of the original census documents.

use Place Search to view the Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts which are still a frereebie useful to test your computer as a viewer before you buy credits
1901 Census of England and Wales Online

searching for a person

Search - results for lapham, born Kilmington 1860 - 1900 male
and still a useful freebie if you are ingeneous:-

Ernest Lapham 26 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer
Thomas Lapham 21 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer
Walter Lapham 24 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer

my own LAPHAM one-name study which is based on family groups, has not got those three because I ignored strays in setting up the first outline database. I will be attending to that in October when i plan to update

on 1901 this is the link to the new owners

Genes Reunited is the UK's largest family tree, genealogy and ancestry site with over 340 million people listed. It's easy to use, free to register free to search
Build your family tree

the links to ITV4 give a clue to the new owners identity
who link back to Build your family tree FREE

Search records completes the circle back but has limitations the competitors don't have
England and Wales BMD Index: 1 July 1837 - December 2004 is a major freebie


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