Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hot matches - Hugh

From my email:-
These are your hot matches with Xyz's tree. The names listed below are relatives in Xyz's tree whose first name, last name and date of birth match your relatives. Send Xyz a message to find out your connection. You could discover a new branch of your family tree. . . .

But with the big names like Jones and Smith and Watkins you get daily emails from hopeful newbies beginning "Is your John Jones . . . ???

without matching the family group with places and occupations, and more, there is little chance of successs.

But if you have the patience to answer these stabs in the dark politely http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/ is very good value for money.

I was even able to connect a friend in Denmark with an Australia branch of a latvian family becaue I idly searched her unusual main name.


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