Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Estonian Historical Archives

from my email:-

Finally cracked the estonian online archive, with the help of my new german friends/relatives and a Dansk-Estisk estisk-Dansk dictionary. For your information kohvikann is coffeepot. But that is one of the easier ones. Menighed, parish, is kogudus. Quite a challenge.


Hit Nimekiri (list) and first time: register, after that only user name and password

In genealogy you open one door and it leads to hundreds new.

The Estonian Historical Archives

3. Records of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK) archives containing personal data

This database contains information about records of different congregations of EELK containing personal data that are held in various repositories all over Estonia.
For a more detailed survey of the series of the records of Lutheran churches, see the article about the fonds of EELK, written by L. Pahtma.

estonian english dictionary - Google Search


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