Monday, November 06, 2006

USA Military Records - Learn All About Military Records from
"The men and women called to serve USA in military duty are a source of pride to their families and to our nation.

Now, with databases containing more than 16 million names and thousands of government records available to search, researching your veteran ancestors has become easier than ever before.

In the US Military Records Collection, you can find enlistment dates, learn about famous battles, locate gravesites of war veterans, and discover the unique details of military service that will help you chronicle the stories of the lives of those who served in the United States military.
Even if you don't have direct ancestors who were in the military service, you can discover information about your family. Often, fathers, siblings, or other family members may have served in the military and their records could contain information that will help in your research."

For example you may find place of enlistment, name and address of next of kin and employer and occupation . . . . effectively a dated census like snapshot of your relative's life.


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