Friday, December 08, 2006

Technorati bug means that GENEALOGE has variable update dates on their site

Technorati Weblog:

"We've been alerted to a bug
Posted by Dave SifryDave Sifry on December 7, 2006.

Technorati News

We've recently found a strange bug that is causing some legitimate blogs to not be indexed, you can see an example of this here. We've verified that this is indeed a bug in the Technorati service, and our engineers are actively working on the issue. As soon as we have more information, including a resolution, we'll keep you informed.

If you've been affected by this bug, my deepest apologies. And if you are ever having a problem reaching someone at Technorati, you can always contact me: dsifry AT technorati DOT com. My cell phone number is 415 846-0232."

and Dave, this is the style of GENEALOGE - what librarians call abstracts - taken from other web pages with a link for my readers to follow if they find the stuff interesting or useful.


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