Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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I sort of fell over this from my email in an newsletter about webpage design from Jakob Nielsen linking to Progressive Disclosure (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Don Norman's jnd.org / user advocacy and human-centered design: "I live two lives: theory and applications. As a cognitive scientist, I study, teach, and write about the relationship between technology and people. In my applied life with the Nielsen Norman group, I help companies with products and services that appeal to the emotions as well as to reason. I serve on company advisory boards and, of course, give many keynote addresses to conferences and company meetings.

Intelligent devices are entering our everyday lives, especially in the home and automobile. These systems raise many serious design issues, most especially when the automation and intelligence are imperfect and incomplete. This reopens the questions of autonomous agents, of how one establishes trust with technology, and the complex interactions between machines and machines, machines and people. Alas, the same mistakes made in the introduction of automation in aviation and industrial processes look as if they are being repeated in the home and automobile. My next book will be on this topic: How to design systems that people can use and understand, so that the benefits of technology are not accompanied by frustration, anger, accident, and disaster.

Too many companies believe that all they must do is provide a “neat” technology, or some “cool” product, or sometimes, just good, solid engineering. Nope. All of those are desirable (and solid"

an interesting link on his page Technorati: Home
and his old web page Don Norman -- Human Centered Design: "I'm based in Silicon Valley, California: my goal is to humanize technology, in part by making it disappear from sight, replaced by a human-centered, task-based family of information-appliances. Easy to learn, easy to use. Easy to understand. But with all the power of enhanced communication, computational systems. Information appliances, where the computer disappears into the tool and becomes invisible."

and now I am creating my own Technorati Profile


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