Monday, January 29, 2007

About archives - the virtual encyclopedia

the virtual encyclopedia on the web - just read:-
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy
The National Archives | The Public Record Office | Research Guides: A to Z
and - Family History Library
Research Guidance v2.0

Select a place where your ancestor was born, christened, married, or died. If you are not sure of the country, click on Determining the Country Where Your Ancestor Lived. Only places that research guides have been created for are listed.

If you are just starting your research, you may want to read How Do I Begin. - Family History Centers

• Family history centers are branches of the Family History Library.
• Over 4,000 family history centers operate in more than 88 countries.

USA National Archives NARA -- Research - Main Page:
"We alone have so many records that...

Laid side to side, pages in our holdings would circle the Earth over 57 times! Because of the cost to digitize such a volume of materials, only a small percentage is available for research online. Our web site offers tools and guides to help you locate these documents. To complete your research and use the records, you may need to visit us."

Locations Nationwide - Main Page: "The National Archives administers a nationwide network of facilities, serving both the public and federal agencies."

suggestions for more links anyone please?


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