Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wales Nonconformists' Records

Family History - Nonconformists' Records: "Although they are much less comprehensive than the records of the Anglican Church in Wales, the Nonconformist records should not be forgotten.

Many registers of dissenting congregations were deposited in London with the Registrar-General after the Civil Registration Act of 1836 and are now at The National Archives.
For details of these registers see General Register Office List of Non Parochial Registers (List & Index Society, vol 42 (1969)).

Microfilm copies of these registers from Wales are available at the Library.

Some pre-1837 registers were copied locally before being surrendered to the Registrar-General, and others never found their way to London at all. A few of those early registers and copies, as well as some later registers, are now deposited at the Library.


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