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Canada Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 images

Search - Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 - Library and Archives Canada: "important
Note: This database is not searchable by name of passengers. No name of passengers are included.
Many individuals, groups and/or genealogical societies have started to index the names appearing on passenger lists. Consult Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 to find out more about those indexes by names."

Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 - Canadian Genealogy Centre - Library and Archives Canada

Passenger lists (RG 76) were the official record of immigration during this period; there are no immigrant applications or files.

The lists contain information such as name, age, country of origin, occupation and intended destination. They are arranged by port and date of arrival, with the exception of some years between 1919 and 1924, when an individual Form 30A was used.

The Government of Canada did not keep records of people leaving the country; there are no passenger lists for departures from Canadian ports.

Research Tips

  • The lists recorded the names of all passengers regardless of their country of origin or nationality. This included visitors, students, returning Canadians and passengers in transit to the United States.
  • Lists for the port of Quebec include passengers who disembarked at Montreal between 1865 and 1921. Those ports were closed during the winter months when the St. Lawrence River was frozen.
  • Passengers from mainland Europe usually sailed to Great Britain, where they boarded trans-Atlantic ships at ports such as Liverpool, London and Glasgow.
  • Some immigrants to Canada arrived at American ports. For example, many ships sailed directly from Italy to New York.
  • Immigrants from Europe destined for western Canada landed at ports on the East Coast, then continued their journey by train. The names of train passengers were not recorded.
  • Ships arriving on the West Coast carried passengers from Asia, Australia and Honolulu.
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