Saturday, February 10, 2007

best usenet service for genealogists

News.Individual.NET » Welcome to News.Individual.NET:
"For an annual fee of only 10 EUR we offer

* worldwide, provider-independent access
* more than 25,000 newsgroups from over 220 hierarchies (no binaries)
* spam filtering
* privacy through crypted posting host header
* highly redundant feeds
* reliable server operation (part of university's computer center)
* qualified support
* longtime experience and expertise in Usenet"

Explore the possibilities from genealogy - Google Groups
but then use nntp to read and reply

News.Individual.NET » Program Configuration: "To access their news server, you need to configure the program that you use to read and post news articles appropriately. They have put together the necessary information for some of the most common products:"

in other languges too
genealogi - Google Groups
genealogia - Google Groups


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