Thursday, February 08, 2007

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Photos on Public Profiles

my comment which "is awaiting moderation. "

yes you seem to be playing catch up with the bells and whistles seen elsewhere
but not attending to fundemental errors of the site’s update like the browsing is not improved yet

and like
false error messages

raised today in Genbrit list and I see on

“Post new reply to General
An error occurred while sending your message.”

first time due to a time out

second time on

after the post appeared anyway

about my profile

it still fails to save the fusion of all my older subscriptions and alerts

To add photo an URL would be good enough as an alternative to an upload


I am getting some contact equiries from other researchers using the new system so it is doing some good as you guys wished :-)

but not as many as from genesreunited :-(

from RootsWeb Newsroom


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