Tuesday, February 06, 2007

wait for windows vista sp1

Please wait at least one year before updating any system which works well

from my email today:-

Hi Hugh,

I notice you comment about Microsoft Vista on you blog!

I "upgraded" last week and its been nothing but problems since >:o .

Microsoft suggest making a complete backup of your system before starting the upgrade. However, they should have added "but do not do this using Norton Save & Restore because this is not compatible with Windows Vista and you will not be able to access the backups!!!!".

Another Symantec product, Norton Partition Magic, is also incompatible. The Symantec site suggests that when Vista version are produced they will not be free but charged at full price!

If you intended to use your computer to send faxes then you need to purchase one of the Office versions of Vista as the Home versions do not allow faxing!

In addition to this Vista is still very buggy!!! And I'm still waiting for several hardware drivers to be released.

So your caution is probably a wise decision.

I bought a MacBook pro and installed WinXP SP2 on a virtual machine which is mostly Vista Compatable but I will stay with what I have now

http://mac-on-intel.blogspot.com/ is a quiet blog because my new machine just keeps on trucking


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