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Second Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902

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Future developments will include:-

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Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902

256,000 regulars and 92,000 volunteers some are still in UK in the 1901 census but most were in South Africa

The Asplin Military Resources
a sample of the full roll of the QSA & KSA entitlements to the Lancashire Fusiliers. The data is extracted from the relevent WO 100 series at the National Archives, Kew and data has been added from the 'South African War Casualty Roll' - there are 4,400 men in total. The references quoted are those pages from which the data is extracted (i.e. WO 100/179 pxxx for the QSA rolls and WO 100/326 pxxx for the KSA roll ).

Muster and Pay lists (WO 12 series at the PRO).

Depot Rolls of the 34th Foot (Cumberland) for the period 1838-1873. This is a list of 6500+ entries from the combined sources of the Crimean Casualty Roll, Indian Mutiny Roll and Depot Book of the 34th Foot (WO 67 at the PRO),

Boer War Shipping Lists. These lists were extracted from the LONDON TIMES SHIPPING LIST for the period July 1899 to December 1902 as well as the CAPE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION SHIPPING LIST for the period January 1899 to December 1902. This wonderful work contains nearly 500 pages of details on the movement of troops in and out of the South African theatre and contains many references to individuals - mostly officers.

Asplin Military History Resources:
plan to index the more complete WO 127 series (nominal rolls with details) in due course, work is on going at the moment by myself, Ted Beard and members of the British Medal Forum.

and for example what can be found out about one man Thomas Dafter 14th Hussars - 1887-1902 (Queens South Africa Medal


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