Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Staley One-name study

The Staley Database: "The Staley/Staveley database is dedicated to the memory of my Dad ~ Sidney V Staley 1909-1973.

It is being compiled from parish registers, transcripts of parish registers, wills, census returns, county histories, IGI and many other sources.

My original hope was to find 'my' Staleys and the origins of the name. Currently my aim is to provide a central finding aid for everyone interested in the name of Staley or any of the variant names which appear to have been derived from Staley, just as Staley appears to have been derived from the name of Staveley.

The database is a two-name study - Staley and Staveley - containing over 20,000 names and growing. The database is a finding tool only. If the information I send you seems to be what you are looking for, check it out against primary sources. I cannot emphasize this too strongly.

If you will send me a copy of your Staley family - names, dates, places, relationships - I will send you a free printout of whatever I may have which also relates to them. The more you send me, the better chance you have of finding what I have on your family."


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