Friday, February 23, 2007

RootsWeb Boards updates

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welcome to the war zone newbie über-admins:-)

if you won't listen to me about the incorrect spelling and structures of the danish county message boards,
would you ask Gerhard to impartially review the situation of his northern neighbour

Sweden has correct spelling of counties in a structure useful to genealogists

The errors in DK are those of the CIA fact book
and now from 1 January 2007 those 14 counties have been reorganized into five regions
Bornholm Amt
Frederiksborg Amt
Haderslev Amt
Hjørring Amt
Holbæk Amt
København Amt
Maribo Amt
Odense Amt
Præstø Amt
Randers Amt
Ribe Amt
Ringkøbing Amt
Roskilde Amt
Skanderborg Amt
Sorø Amt
Svendborg Amt
Sønderborg Amt
Thisted Amt
Tønder Amt
Vejle Amt
Viborg Amt
Åbenrå Amt (Aabenraa)
Ålborg Amt (Aalborg)
Århus Amt (Aarhus)

from 1793 to 1970 which are the most used by genealogists

Amt = county and may be left out where preceded by "counties"

I am an experienced board admin and know exactly how to do the work under the old system

the RootsWeb boards are still suffering from the wounds inflicted by the "update" but not yet dead.


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