Friday, March 02, 2007

Brigham Young University Computerized Family History and Genealogy Conference

when I got this email I thought who on earth are BYU?

BYU NewsNet - Conference Integrates Computers and Family History: "

BYU's 10th Annual Computerized Family History and Genealogy Conference will teach the community to integrate computers and genealogy.

The focus of the conference on March 16-17 2007, themed 'Strengthening Ties that Bind Families Forever,' is to teach people how to incorporate new technology and computer programs in family history.

'The conference is to help people improve their skills and using the computer to trace their family tree,' said Kip Sperry, professor of family history and doctrine and co-director of the conference. 'For many years computers have made family history research much easier, especially with the introduction of the Internet.'

This conference is designed for general computer users, teaching at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Dick Eastman and Alan Mann are the keynote speakers of the conference. Dick Eastman is a world-renowned author and lecturer, most well known for his online genealogical newsletter. Alan Mann is a manager of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and is an accredited genealogist researcher in England, the Channel Islands and Australia."

from my email:-

BYU's 10th Annual Computerized Family History and Genealogy Conference
will teach the community to integrate computers and genealogy.

I would suggest a review of the Family Genealogy & History Internet
Education Directory. It has the Computer - Internet - Software:
Genealogy Programs Support resources for the experienced computer
user, genealogist, family historian, or Newbie just beginning to
learn about the Internet.

This is a noted professional worldwide humanities and social sciences mega portal, connected directly to thousands of related sub-sets, with billions of primary or secondary database family history and genealogy records.

It encompasses all other key worldwide genealogy sites. It includes
all pertinent genealogy-related web pages from scholarly societies,
professional society organizations and informational Wikipedia

REFERENCE: One example, from Education Publications and Online Books,
by Princeton Public Library, lists United States Digital Libraries
Another example, shows the new creation of the World Digital Library.

Genealogy Webmaster - Webmasters Homepage Construction
has Social Networks Resources, linked directly to Communities
& Chat Directories. These resources include the very new Ning,
that allows individuals to create, customize, and share new
Social Networks for free, in seconds.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.

Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry,[both editions]
Family Genealogy & History
Internet Education Directory

TOM TINNET is a bit of a spammer but Brigham Young University is a power house of computer technology and teaching, whose young graduates never fail to impress me.


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