Saturday, March 10, 2007

danish priests

Lolland Falsters Slægtsdatabase:

and images of "S.V.Wibergs Almindelig dansk præstehistorie"


Danska Præster: " S. V. Wibergs 'Personalhistoriske, statistiske og genealogiske Bidrag til en almindelig dansk Præstehistorie', fra 1870"

"This is my contribution to map all Danish priests' consanguinity.
I have mainly used S. V. Wiberg�s "Almindelig pr�stehistorie", from 1870, but will supplement as I receive new information.
Since the text is written in old Gothic Danish I am assuming I am incorrect in some places

E-mail me and I will correct. I have not included texts about the office itself, but have focused on consanguinity.
Please only consider this material as "clues" to where you can search for information regarding your ancestry.
I would in particular like to thank the Landsarkivet i Visby(provincial record office) here in Gotland for lending me that book."
Lotte Jensen

Wibergs Almindelig dansk præstehistorie - Google Search


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