Friday, March 09, 2007

Irish Genealogy

TIARA: Irish Heritage Centre Survey Report:
"In the 1980s the Irish Genealogical Project (IGP) was initiated as a government-subsidized effort to put parish records on computer. Individual heritage centres were set up in different counties and people were hired for transcription and data entry. For various reasons some centres have been more successful than others in providing access to genealogical information that was formerly only available on microfilm at the National Library or at individual parishes.

In 1997 The Heritage Council, a government-appointed body in the Republic of Ireland was asked to review the system of genealogical resources in Ireland and prepare a report for the Minister of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht & the Islands. Independent of that effort, TIARA undertook to conduct a survey of people who have used these services. While the Heritage Council's report is limited to those centres that are in the Republic, our survey included all of the 32-county centres that were initiated as part of the original IGP, as well as several national resources both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland."

TIARA: Irish Heritage Centre Survey - Resources and addresses

The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA): "a nonprofit organization established to develop and promote the growth, study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogical and historical research and education. We do NOT provide individual genealogical research services."

For further information write to:
The Irish Ancestral Research Association
Dept. W
2120 Commonwealth Ave.
Auburndale, Massachusetts
County Wexford: "continues to be rural in nature, with less than two-fifths of the population living in towns and villages.

The main occupation is farming, with most farms averaging 70-80 acres. Half the land is in pasture, and two-fifths under cereal crops, predominantly wheat.

The chief economic staple is cattle. The County is 108 square miles with a population estimated in 1991 as 102,045. "


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