Friday, March 23, 2007

Hungary or Slovakia Gazetteer

Dvorzsak Gazetteer: "1877 Gazetteer Summary: Many Gazetteers of Hungary were published over the centuries. The 1877 Gazetteer (commonly known as the 'Dvorzs√°k Gazetteer', named after it's editor) is one of the more widely used. It contains the number of congregants by religion per village, an indication where the main parish was located and summary counts of congregants by county and district. It indicates 'affiliated' churches. The Gazetteer is organized by county, district and village. It uses the 1877 village name.

1877 Census Summary: A town-by-town count of religious congregants, organized by faith and summarized by district and county based on the 1877 Magyar Census. Sometimes called an 'Ecclesiastical Census.' Contains an indication of the location of the primary parish.

Three Accessible Forms of the Gazetteer: There are at present, three forms of the Gazetteer available to the distance researcher: i) Original Gazetteer, scanned images available online , ii) Original Gazetteer, scanned images available at the Family History Center and iii) Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, Jordan Auslander, 2005. The original Gazetteer is stored at the Hungary Archives."

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village names may be in various languages, including Czech, Slovak and German. ...

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