Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rise of the web's social network

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Rise of the web's social network: "Since its beginning, the web has often been used as a tool to meet new people, but in recent years the interaction between web-users has grown dramatically, spawning a new generation of networking sites.

Some networking sites allow users to swap video and images and sites like Bebo, Friendster and MySpace have fuelled the social networking trend.

The notion of Web 2.0, or an internet model where content is created and shared by users, has given birth to some of the most popular sites the internet has ever seen. So much so, that anybody who is anyone, wants to be part of the online social networking scene.

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in genealogy see also or GenForum - Home
or - Family Tree Maker Family History Software and Historical Records or genealogy usenet - Google Search or Cyndi's List - Newsgroups in fact Web 2.0 is hardly news at all dating back to email and lists in the 1980ies


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