Monday, March 05, 2007

Moving Here - to the United Kingdom

"My grandmother who was maltese was married to an royal navy office, my granmother and my father and his two brothers came to this country from malta in early 1940 , but before they got to england my grandfathers ship was sunk with him going with it,

when my grandmother arrived in portsmouth with her 3 young sons she was not met by kind men from the navy as a war widow but was sent to the isle of man to spend severall years with germans ,italians and austrians ,

after find out they had made a terrible mistake the mod gave her £50 and help with a house in gosport , oh and she had to work in the dock yards , not only did it take the royal 40 years to give her a war widows pension but in 1989 a year before she died the home office told her she had lived in this country illigally ,

only for her local mp to help fight this , my grandmother was a very strong women and forged close links with maltese people in london, plymouth ,liverpool , belfast and always felt maltese people were mistread by the english,

my father now lives back in malta and both my uncle would always tell myself and my cousins maltese first english 2nd , and still today i am very close to maltese people"

Moving Here - all Stories

from Dina to Bradford in 1964:

"I came from Dina in pakistan in the 60s, i came with only 5 pounds in my pocket and when i got off in london i only had an address for a house in bradford. i got on to the train with my bags and went staright to bradford, there i got a taxi and managed to get to the right street in bradford, then a english couple who saw me looking around came to me and asked if i needed any help. i told them i was looking for a street and they showed me the house.

From there i manged to get up evry morning and look for work in the factories and the very first place i went i managed to get a job as a textile jobber.

I worked there for 2 years and saved all my money, we worked in shifts and slept in un-made loft areas in the attic and in rafters in the roof we placed chipboard and slept on that.
I then applied for my family to join me and they arrived, from there we lived in a house in one bedroom sleeping on lino on the floor, then we slowly managed to put enough money away for a shop.

from there we worked for over 25 years, during that time we managed to buy several houses and now my sons have all got degrees and run their own business in property and nursing homes. It has been hard"


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