Monday, March 19, 2007

Methodist Archives

Ministers & Probationers who have Died in the Work: "The index was scanned from the list of ‘Ministers and Probationers who have died in the work’ that is in the back of the 1969 edition of Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church, printed by the Methodist Publishing House in London.

This publication was the most recent volume in an invaluable series that commenced in 1819 when Revd.William Hill published an alphabetical arrangement of ministers of the British Wesleyan Connexion.

It listed all ministers in the work at that time with their stations and dates of service. A second edition appeared in 1824 and this included a list of those who had died in the work. ‘Hill’s Arrangement’ continued to be updated and published at intervals of several years. Fourteen editions had appeared by 1881 and twenty-five by 1926.

With Methodist Union in 1932, the list was expanded to include former Primitive Methodist and United Methodist ministers. The last edition to appear was that of 1968.

Editions to 1847 continued to bear the name of William Hill as editor, despite the fact that the man himself died in 1827. The series continues to be popularly known as ‘Hill’s Arrangement’. "

Methodist Archives and Research Centre: "Methodist Archives and Research Centre,
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