Saturday, March 31, 2007

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The National Genealogical Society, Arlington, Virginia, USA - Where Genealogy Begins:

"16-19 May 2007
29th NGS Conference in the States and Family History Fair
Richmond, Virginia, USA

24 February - 2 March 2008
Salt Lake City Research Trip
Salt Lake City, Utah

14-18 May 2008
30th NGS Conference in the States and Family History Fair
Kansas City, MO"

The National Genealogical Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1903, is the premier national society for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced family historian. The NGS serves its members by:

  • Providing genealogical skill development through education, information, publications, research assistance, and networking opportunities;
  • Establishing and promoting the highest standards of ethical research principles and scholarly practices;
  • Establishing important links with other groups worldwide;
  • Providing depth and breadth of knowledge and opportunities for our members;
  • Creating programs to increase public awareness of opportunities to discover family history; and,
  • Promoting interest in the fascinating field of genealogy and family history.

Society of Genealogists - Home Page

Society of Genealogists - Family History Show will take place as part of the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE National History Show - A Show within a Show!"

The Society of Genealogists is the leading national learned society concerned with family history and genealogy and their associated social science disciplines. It is the largest society of its kind in the UK, with some 13,000 members. The Society campaigns for the integrity and preservation of records relevant to current and future research and optimum access to such records. Members of the Society are all researching family history, mostly as amateur hobbyists, though a significant number are professional researchers. Hence the Society’s main, but by no means exclusive, concern is for access to historic records on behalf of genealogists who are looking for information about families and individual ancestors. Since its foundation in 1911 the Society has continued to lobby on behalf of the genealogical community and takes an active role in rescuing documents that are of interest to family historians but which have been discarded by other larger and often public archives.

The Society of Genealogists seeks to promote a genealogical community in which everyone has convenient, affordable access to records, finding aids, knowledge and skills necessary to conduct authoritative research in family history.


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