Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stephen P Morse help for the 1910-1940 US Federal Census

Obtaining EDs and streets for the 1910-1940 Census in One Step

In order to find a person in the census you may need to know the enumeration district (ED) in which the person lived. Today there are many resources available for determining the ED. Our website is one of them and is unique in that it provides a geographical search tool for determining the ED for the 1910-1930 censuses

By far the easiest way to determine the ED is to use a name index. That allows you to enter a person's name and get the ED. There are microfilm name indexes for US Censuses available at NARA starting in 1880, but many of the years have indexes only for certain states and only for heads of households. For 1910 NARA has only 21 states name-indexed and 12 for 1930. Name indexes are also available, on a subscription basis, from commercial companies.

Our website is most useful when you don't have access to a name index or you can't find the person by name on the existing name indexes. It presents an interactive interface for the major cities that allows you to "compute" the ED. All cities having at least 25,000 people in 1930, and many smaller ones as well, are on this website. Over 80 of the larger 1910 cities are also here. And our site provides a means of converting between 1930 and 1920 EDs. We are grateful to all the volunteers who generated the data for many of the cities and for the conversion tables.

Explore the other portions of this website as well and please see the Frequently Asked Questions (faq) page for more details

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