Monday, April 16, 2007

bank holidays

DTI - Bank and public holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the years 2007-2010:
"The expected dates for the years 2007-2010 inclusive are listed on that site" which is a * and which should be kosher
see bank holidays - Google Search

You may ask yourself,
"Why is he blogging this for genealogists?"
and my answer is archives and libraries are closed, but some Family History Center are open.

Always telephone an archive before af first visit, in order to book a place and make certain that it is open - some may have the builders in or be reorganising or having a staff training day.

So, if you are planning an extensive or expensive genealogical holiday as a tourist in UK or DK, you better get the timing right.

By all means email me for help and if I do not have the answer I know where to look or whom to ask.

-- and always in my side bar -- mail me --
and "Why the ungrammatical Center not Centres above?"
- it is an american english name and it is better for google without the final "s".

for mostly reliable information see also - Google Search - Google Search
just add up to nine search terms with place or family names
archive genealogy history "local history" email catalogue
(or catalog

if you mix that up and try - Google Search
you get eg Ascension Island Post Office and Philatelic Bureau

for USA use
site:gov - Google Search
site:edu - Google Search
but - Google Search
Culture - Portail du Gouvernement - site du Premier ministre

In the UK we are ACademic and in USA they are EDUcated
but every nation has a GOVernment

Germany is a federation
site:de Regierung - Google Search

finally our new federation - Google Search

postscript "hugh watkins" - Google Search
now who is watching who ???


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