Sunday, April 22, 2007

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US-based Indian entrepreneur Manish Arora has launched a social networking site that allows users to build and link family trees and share family and friends related photos, stories, scrapbooks, birthdays, anniversaries, interests, news and blogs.

“We've attempted to bridge the huge gap in the family social network scene and empower people feeling the pinch of geographic distance in relationships,” Manish Arora has said, adding, “Kincafe has HTML, Ajax and cool drag and drop based User Interface and current features are a starting point. We will continue to add more collaboration options with time.” is managed and run by Ingenuine Solutions Inc, which is based in San Jose, California. According to the company, Kincafe solves two big gaps in social networking scene. First, it facilitates collaboration for current generations to stay connected by taking advantage of newer Web technologies and goes beyond the offerings of conventional family (genealogy) sites.

Second, provides its users complete control over who can see their family’s content. With layering in of content sharing within one’s own family tree, Kincafe has made it easy to share and reach to cherished content without having to remember many different URLs or worrying about content privacy, the company has said.

I have refused to blog the site until the ownership became clear so a big thank you to Rajesh Barnwal who wrote the above
of course to experienced family historians there is nothing new about
lots of similar service aleady exist

BTW I am offline in Copenhagen except for my mobile phone and a friends machine so see
SNAPS THREE mobile blog for my picture of the day
later I will add some more slide shows on flickr as my photo diaries continue


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