Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast "the cartoonist was born in a Prussian Army barracks in Landau, Bavaria on September 27, 1840. His father, also named Thomas, was a trombonist in the 9th Bavarian Regimental band. His mother was Appolinia Abriss.

Thomas Nast, the father, decided that life in Prussia was repressive. In 1846, he sent his wife, his son Thomas, and his daughter to New York City. In 1850, the father was able to join them after his enlistment ended. He became a member of the New York City Philharmonic Society.

Young Thomas Nast was a very poor student except in the area of art. His teacher recommended that he be sent to an art school. In 1854, he began studying drawing with Alfred Fredericks and Theodore Kaufmann at the National Academy of Design.
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