Saturday, June 23, 2007

Britain maps

A vision of Britain through time | Your national on-line library for local history

If you would like to be kept informed about changes to A Vision of Britain through Time, and contribute to discussion about its further development, join our discussion list on the JISCmail system. We are trying to recruit users with ideas about how Vision of Britain should develop -- not just gripes -- so we will contact people joining the list asking for a little information about their use of Vision of Britain. To save time, maybe e-mail us now (at explaining your interest.

Vision of Britain | History of the Census of Population: "Since 1801 the Census has created a uniquely detailed record of our changing communities. For data on your chosen town or village, search by place from our main home page. This part of Vision of Britain is about the census itself, including:

* Listings of all reports published from 1801 to 1961, and all tables in those reports. Unless you ask, we list only reports and tables for which we hold data or text."

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