Saturday, June 09, 2007

Family Search Inc

"FamilySearch Inc" - Google Search
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"Family Search Inc" - Google Search

Dr. Davenport Forsakes Academe, Starts Business

Finding himself too old for industry and too cantankerous for the academic life, Dr. Davenport, in association with Dean R. Foutz and Willard Heiss, the renown Quaker genealogist, has founded Family Records, Inc., an Ohio corporation, at Rootstown, Ohio. Family Search, Inc., of Indianapolis, and Family Publications, Inc., of Honolulu, will be subsidiaries of the Rootstown company (in Northeast Ohio, USA).

Family Records, Inc., will advertise its product and services in national magazines (the ad to left will appear in the November issue of The Elks Magazine and will be engaged in promoting current family record keeping, history writing, and memorabilia collection. It will not be engaged in genealogical research. Willard Heiss, C.G., A.G., F.A.A.C., F.N.G.S., one of America's most respected genealogists, will attend to genealogical matters and consolation at Indianapolis. Dean Foutz will expand his role as Newsletter publisher and intended publisher of the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogies to include others.


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