Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Family History in China

WorldVitalRecords Blog » Genealogy and Family History in China: "For the next couple of weeks I will be researching to find out any connections with genealogy and China. I want to know who does genealogy in China, to what extent online genealogy has permeated the market, how a social networking site for genealogists should be adapted to fit the culture, and any other information that would be helpful.

And why am I doing this? Whitney Ransom, our Director of Corporate Communications, and I (Director of Content Acquisition) will be going to China in two weeks from today! Although we will be going there mainly for a vacation, I want to maximize my time while I’m in the country. This dream of positively influencing the Chinese people just won’t go away. And I think that connecting people through family history and genealogy can have such an amazing effect on people’s lives.

So…if you have any ideas, suggestions"

yes genealogy and China - Google Search
and read some books - I would have posted an answer to the blog but you have to be logged on . . .


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Thanks for posting a link to the Google search for genealogy and China and for including WorldVitalRecords.com from time to time in your blog.

Yvette Arts
Director of Content Acquisition

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