Sunday, June 03, 2007

Olive Tree Genealogy

Olive Tree Genealogy - Search free genealogy databases for your ancestors: "The Olive Tree Genealogy, created by Lorine in February 1996, is committed to bringing you FREE genealogy records. Olive Tree Genealogy has more than 1,900 pages of free genealogy to help you find your brick-wall ancestors.

All genealogy records on Olive Tree Genealogy are FREE and will help you find your elusive ancestor. Allow yourself lots of time to look around. Let each page load before making your next choice. Scroll down each page to read what is there before you choose a genealogy record or a search engine."

Almshouse & Poorhouse Records: "The Milwaukee County Farm Cemetery (a.k.a. Potter's Field) was used during the years 1872-1974. This cemetery was used for the poorhouse inmates and also for burial of other indigent people and transients for whom no funds were available for burial. The cemetery may have been in use prior to 1872. However, there is no documentation of burials occurring before 1872. Due to the fact that there are nearly 6,400 names in the burial register book the names of the deceased have been separated into groups of years.

The original site (Jennifer Fleischmann's Poorhouse Files) that contained these transcriptions was last updated in 2001 and has been offline since February 2006. Rather than see these names lost, Olive Tree Genealogy has given them a permanent home in its Almshouse, Poorhouse & Insane Asylums Section.

Olive Tree Genealogy has Ships Passenger Lists, Palatines (Germans), Mennonites, Huguenots, Native American, Loyalists, Military Ancestors, United States Genealogy & Canadian Genealogy.

Olive Tree Genealogy 3-Step Genealogy Finder

  • First the free databases - there are over 1,700 now. There is also a Directory of Genealogy Links to offsite databases. Look for family in free genealogy databases with the Olive Tree Genealogy logo.
  • Second the Genealogy tutorials and help files - Genealogy mini-tutorials on finding your ancestors in census records, land records, ships passenger lists, PERSI, and more.
  • Third the Resource Guides. How-to-Guides help you easily find your family tree as you search ships passenger lists, Huguenots, Native Americans, Canadian Immigration, Palatines and so on. Genealogy Resources include books, microfilm, little-known records on microfilm or fiche, and CD ROMs.


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