Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Genea-Musings: "So I asked one of the volunteers what the status was of the access to the 'partner' sites.

He said that the San Diego FHC would be able to access the premium sites. He thought they were a week away from having access to the contents on Footnote, World Vital Records, Godfrey Memorial Library, and Kindred Konnections. He counseled patience!

He also said that when the additional data on FamilySearch Inc. becomes available that it would be offered to only LDS members initially. The stated reason was to assess bandwidth required before non-members can use it. He said that there were many records (the word 'billion' was mentioned) that were in the LDS system but not online yet anywhere. It sounds to me like they will use the LDS members as 'beta-testers' of the new system."


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