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Arlene H Eakle » Blog: "The Descriptive Inventory of the English Collection was published by the University of Utah in 1979. It’s now out of print. Many libraries purchased copies, and you can look for a copy in the genealogy library you frequent.
Section V: “Personal Records” is the most significant in my opinion:

1. Monumental Inscriptions, by county with name of collection/compiler
2. Personal Papers, by surname of compiler/owner
3. Collections “for the history of…”, by compiler/owner
4. Pedigrees, by surname or locality
5. Family Histories in manuscript, by surname of family

In late June 2007, I personally re-checked the online Family History Library Catalog, with all of its new descriptions against our work. Some additional entries are present. The microfilming of most of these “Personal Records” however, was done between 1950 and 1975, and I found few additions have been microfilmed."

Arlene H Eakle:

"# Mytum, Harold. Recording and Analysing Graveyards. 2000. Reprinted 2002. Available Council for British Archaeology. Bowes Morrell House, 111 Walmgate, York YOI 9WA England UK. More than 170 pages of research suggestions, drawings and photographs.

# Parker, John. Reading Latin Epitaphs: A Handbook for Beginners. 2d. ed. 2000. Available Cressar Publications, Ludgvan, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 8XG England UK. a guide for reading the memorials that hang on the walls of churches and cathedrals in the British Isles."

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she has a Master's degree and a PhD in English History with a minor in Colonial American History.


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