Saturday, July 14, 2007

Family Archive Viewer

What is the Family Archive Viewer?

use version 6.0 for Windows 95/98, and version 4.ob Windows 3.1 - Family Archive Viewer: "Have Family Tree Maker? Please note...

* If you have Family Tree Maker 4.0 or higher you don't need the Family Archive Viewer.

Need help figuring out which version you have? Just open Family Tree Maker and go to the 'Help' menu. From there, choose 'About Family Tree Maker...'. Your version number will be listed in the box that pops up.

* If you have version 3.4 or lower of Family Tree Maker (that is, you purchased your copy of Family Tree Maker more than four years ago and haven't upgraded), it is important that you install the Family Archive Viewer into a different directory, such as C:\FAV. If you install the Family Archive Viewer in the same directory as your Family Tree Maker, you risk losing information in your Family File.

* Before opening your Family File with the Family Archive Viewer, you should make a backup copy and use that . If you open your Family File in the Family Archive Viewer, your copy of Family Tree Maker won't be able to open the file."


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