Thursday, July 12, 2007

Irish Census 1851

OGS Ottawa - Irish Census 1851: "The Irish Research Group of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society completed a WordPerfect transcript of the surviving 1851 Irish census in 1994. They then used this transcript to publish a listing of the surviving returns in 1999.

The records for County Antrim were subsequently converted into a database by George Bushell in 1995 for use in a paper that looked at the social and economic patterns of that county. A summary of the 1851 occupant returns for County Cork, made in 1853, have also survived for a few parishes and some analyses of these data have been added to a 2007 update of the original 1995 paper.

A very small number of the original returns remain for counties Fermanagh, Kilkenny and Cork, as well.

The returns from County Antrim, located in the extreme north-east of the island, include part or all of 14 civil parishes from various parts of the county (almost 29,000 records).
The 1853 occupant summary of the 1851 census of County Cork, which is located in the south-west part of the island, includes nearly 4,000 records from four adjacent parishes: Kilcrumper, Kilworth, Leitrim and Macroney.

Four basic types of records were collected in 1851: occupant records, death records, absence records and uninhabited household records. There is an entry for each person living in an occupied dwelling on the date of the census. . . ."

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