Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Witnesses to Marriages

GENEALOGE 8 February 2005 - which is an old post about MARRIAGE WITNESS INDEXES: "The late Ted Wildy was a member of the New Zealand Genealogical Society and envisioned the creation of indexes to witnesses at marriages, which he believed would help family historians.

There are three databases, co-ordinated by Marianne Philson in New Zealand:

UK Witnesses to Marriages (about 80,000 entries)
Australian Witnesses to Marriages (22,000 entries)
New Zealand Marriage Indexes (24,000 entries)"

from my email :-

"Marianne has had nothing to do with these database for about ten years now. She got shot of them soon after Ted died. I am not sure if she is still alive as her name is no longer in the NZ phone directories. I emailed her niece to enquire earlier today.

NZ MWI = Hugh Winters of New Zealand
AU MWI = Ada Ackerly of Australia
UK MWI = Faye Guthrie of Australia

. If we see the index back on Rootsweb it will be a miracle.

Ted will be spinning in his grave knowing what has happened. His thrust was to make the information freely available to all"

and from another email:-

Faye Guthrie is the current holder of that index.
She has changed her email address from the one shown on her web site.

Good and bad news.

She still has the index and asserts that it is on Rootsweb also. We know that it isn't, or Rootsweb are hiding it.

She will only accept one surname at a time to add to it.

She has hundreds of records to add, but no time to add them.

She asserts ownership as she has changed the format and added to the
original records. One can not claim copyright on facts, just the
format of the presentation.

There are 78,000 records with over a quarter of a million names.

Faye Guthrie - Google Search

finally from Rootsweb help desk:-

"Ted's marriage records are mixed in with all records for British/UK. The
Australian lists are mixed in with Australian-New Zealand records."


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