Monday, July 30, 2007

My Flickr and danish census

Flickr: Photos from hugh1936uk

from my email:-
I was back on your site this morning
the pictures have such a beauty,
this will probably be the only way I every get to visit Denmark,
so I plan to drop in for a visit on your site to see things as you add them.

thank you so much

DSC00052 census returns in boxes

DSC00041 take a lot of space in Copenhagen

DSC00042 Denmark 1925 and 1930 are on open shelves on two floors

DSC00062 but the 1920 Folketælling is on fiche

another day at the archives and home by water bus - a photoset on Flickr
which in the middle has images of actual pages taken with my Sony K800i videophone.
The begining of the photoset is about recycling, and the end has views of Copenhagen Harbour taken from a waterbus

much more is on line
Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline


Er på nettet

1855 Er på nettet
1801 Er på nettet 1860

Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet


Er på nettet

1906 and 1925
next project

and from Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline english help page: "All Danish parish registers older than 1892 are included in the digitisation project. The end year may, however, differ for South Jutland (North Schleswig) because the local parish registers were kept according to different rules in the period 1864-1920, when South Jutland was under German administration."

and church books up to c1925 are being scanned too -- Kirkebøger 1892 - ca.1925 fra hele Danmark

telephone +45 87 27 02 60
mandag – fredag kl. 10.30 – 11.30 og 13.00 – 14.00 CET Danish time

transcriptions are on another site Dansk Demografisk Database - coverage if indexes KIP-oversigt 28/6-2007 -

maps of counties showing parishes 1793 to 1970

Hjørring - Thisted - Ålborg -Viborg - Randers - Århus - Ringkøbing - Ribe - Tønder - Skanderborg - Vejle - Haderslev - Aabenraa - Sønderborg - Odense - Svendborg - Holbæk - Sorø - Frederiksborg - Bornholm - Roskilde - København - Præstø - Maribo

KildeIndexIndtastningsProgrammet: "kirkebogsindtastningen"

Kildeindtastninger: "Source transcription project
Latest update on 29. June 2007

In cooperation with DDA (Dansk Data Arkiv) and the organization DIS Danmark (Databehandling i Slægtsforskning) we bring countymaps showing which census records are being transcribed at the moment and which have already been made available in the source transcription project.

one of my favourite webpages


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