Sunday, July 29, 2007


WorldVitalRecords Blog » Congratulations to Betty Rudolph:’s 10,000th Subscriber

Betty has been doing genealogy for 40-45 years. She became interested in genealogy primarily because her mother died when she was young and she wanted to know more about her. Betty said that her success with her family line has been pretty amazing. In fact, she has discovered many of her lines dating back to the 1600-1700s.

Betty’s ancestry is primarily from Scotland (on her mother’s side) and Germany (on her father’s side). Betty recently “stumbled upon WorldVitalRecords” and decided to buy a subscription. She is fascinated with the connections one finds with history when doing genealogy.

“It’s really interesting to find out what your family was doing in that time or place. And then of course, I enjoy it because of all of the relatives you can connect with that you never really knew you had,” Betty said.

We hope Betty will continue to find connections to her family at, as she enjoys her free 10-year subscription until 2017!

World Vital Records: "Affordable Access to Over 10,000 Databases

a growing collection of birth, death, military, census and parish records and will be adding over 10,000 new databases in the next few months! "

SBWire > View Release > Accessible Archives Inc. Partners With To Provide Greater Access To Unique Historical Data

Normally only offered in libraries, Accessible Archives Inc. has recently partnered with to make millions of records from the 18th and 19th centuries accessible to a broader audience.

“We are very pleased to be working with World Vital Records getting our material to the masses on a global scale,” said Rob Nagy, President, CEO, Accessible Archives.

Accessible Archives typically works with nearly 300 universities and libraries to offer the databases in full-text format. To view Accessible Archives’ databases, which are free to access until August 1, go to Click on view all databases. Then click on the link to Accessible Archives.


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