Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my new mailing list and board

Brycgstow : Bristol and district life
for genealogy and help with family and local history in Bristol and district.

When Newport Monmouthshire professional genealogist Mike John took his sites off line for a while,
I made MONFH2 tokeep his group together

That had become moribund and I have transformed it into Brycgstow : Bristol and district life

Brycgstow or Brycgstowe (Old English): - Brycg=bridge; Stowe=Assembly place- the assembly place by the bridge: mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) as ‘Bristou’, later written as ‘Bristow’

see also:-

monfh : Monmouthshire Family History.: "for the discussion and research of Family History in the County of Monmouthshire where you can Post enquiries, upload and download Pics & files, There are Family History Website Links in Bookmarks, Place your F.H surnames in the Database section. We have a vast amount of Census indexes, Parish record transcripts, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills and many other records to help you."


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